A definite touch of the Scandinavian
— Jasper van't Hof

Aurora Hentunen is a young diverse Finnish pianist and composer, who is currently living in Amsterdam. 

Aurora Hentunen’s music draws inspiration from both Nordic jazz and folk music. She assembled her quartet at the beginning of 2017 consisting of talented Finnish musicians with performance experience in cities from Helsinki to Amsterdam to New York. Aurora Hentunen’s debut album Second Spring was released in April 2018. 

”After the sudden loss of my father I found peace in expressing my emotions through composing. It was extremely important for me to get together with the musicians who could sympathize with my state of mind and bring their own voice to the music.” 

Hentunen’s music contains a lot of references from Northern Jazz and melodies from Scandinavian folk music. Her music has been described as very compositional and the band as distinctive, led by mature young musicians. The band is considered as one of the rising stars in the Northern Jazz scene. 

”A tasteful album, full of surprises, refreshing arrangements and unexpected moments. A definite touch of ”the Scandinavian”. Well-played by top musicians from the new generation!” - Jasper van’t Hof

"Very atmospheric, yet driven. Modern and timeless. Love the merge of styles, which I find that is done with thoughtfulness and sensitivity." -Petros Klampanis


The album Second Spring was inspired mostly by Finnish nature, traveling, and the yearning of a northern home, a feeling Hentunen frequently feels after moving to the Netherlands. The music will bring the listener from the ice cold hills of Lapland to Italy’s peaceful island Ustica, and from the nostalgic memories of childhood to the agony of loss. 

”For a debut album, Second Spring is a notably original small masterpiece. It tells Hentunen’s personal stories so strongly they nearly get under your skin.” - Mika Terho / Etelä-Saimaa

“…Hentunen’s significance is also lifted by the originality of the tonality. Combining easily understandable melodies with exciting structures and by that creating a fascinating atmosphere is not an easy task.” - Pentti Ronkanen / Suomijazz.fi

Hentunen was born in 1991 in Lappeenranta, Finland. She began playing piano before she had started school, concentrating first on classical music. After a few years in a private education she started attending to the Music institute of Lappeenranta where she studied classical music, later moving on to other genres. After experimenting with different instruments she eventually found her calling in jazz music. Following high school Hentunen studied in Finland at the Conservatory of Kuopio and the Jyväskylä university of applied sciences, and in Netherlands at Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen and the Conservatory of Amsterdam, with musicians such as Marc van Roon, Jasper van’t Hof, Harmen Fraanje, Adam Nussbaum, Matt Wilson, Spike Wilner, Deborah Brown, David Berkman, Kevin Hays and many more.