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Aurora Hentunen is a young diverse Finnish pianist and composer, currently living in Helsinki. 


Hentunen assembled her quartet at the beginning of 2017 while studying in Amsterdam. Debut album ‘Second Spring’ was released in April 2018 and her second album ‘Frost’ in August 2019.  Her music has been described as very compositional and the band as distinctive, led by mature young musicians. The band is considered as one of the rising stars in the Nordic Jazz scene. 


Aurora Hentunen Quartet became quintet as the tenor saxophonist Ukko Heinonen joined the band in 2020. AHQ’s third album “Little Further” will be released in October 2024 on Eclipse Music. Little Further reflects the state of being during the last few years, forced collective stagnation and uncertainty of the future. However, it gently guides the listener to continue their journey and to believe in tomorrow. The first single release Gray Waves, featuring the GRAMMY award-winning bass player Linda May Han Oh, will be published on the 10th of May 2024. 


Hentunen’s work has been supported by many known Finnish cultural foundations, such as Kone foundation, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Finnish Music Foundation and the Finnish Music Creators’ Fund. Her work can also be heard on commissioned Big Band and string ensemble pieces, examples include Sointi Jazz Orchestra, Jyväskylä Big Band, Lappeenranta Big Band, and UJE Ensemble.

”The debut album was already great, and the second one ensures that Hentunen isn’t going to come down from the sharpest peak of Finnish Jazz.”  -Keskisuomalainen

”A tasteful album, full of surprises, refreshing arrangements and unexpected moments. A definite touch of ”the Scandinavian”. Well-played by top musicians from the new generation!”  -Jasper van’t Hof


"Very atmospheric, yet driven. Modern and timeless. Love the merge of styles, which I find that is done with thoughtfulness and sensitivity." -Petros Klampanis

”For a debut album, Second Spring is a notably original small masterpiece. It tells Hentunen’s personal stories so strongly they nearly get under your skin.”  -Mika Terho / Etelä-Saimaa

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