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Frost (2019):

”Debut album was already great, and the second one ensures that Hentunen isn’t going to come down from the sharpest peak of Finnish Jazz”

-Pentti Ronkanen / Keskisuomalainen

”Young pianist-composer Aurora Hentunen is at the front of the rising Finnish jazz artists… In the Studio Hentunen with her young fellow musicians is excellent and recognizable, mastering her own style… The quartet has found it’s own voice in the style of Nordic Sound that is appreciated around the world. Frost’s music is from the beginning till the end melodic, beautiful and delicate.”

-Veli-Matti Henttonen / Salon seudun Sanomat

”...It's important to emphasize the importance of the long-term development of the quartet for Hentunen’s composership and musicianship. The sound created together is unique, well recognizable in its airiness and organicness. And just as it was revealed for the debut album, Hentunen’s strength is something very special: she is able to combine melodic clarity and ease of understanding with structurally diverse and rich entities.”

-Pentti Ronkanen /

"...The tune (Frost) has been built with its sensitivity and freshness, like the fine autumn's first sparkling winter rime on the lawn in the morning sun."

-Jere Elo / Kohta Jazzii-blog

Second Spring (2018):

“…At it’s best tracks the album reaches the top class of Finnish Jazz scene…Pianist Aurora Hentunen’s debut album reveals a diversed and matured vision.  Hentunen’s piano solo played with partly damped strings surprises you with a great Cecil Taylor kind of free jazz vibe, that works well.”


”For a debut album, Second Spring is a notably original small masterpiece. It tells Hentunen’s personal stories so strongly they nearly get under your skin. The songs are like small, delicate stories and imageries, and the album as a whole is expertly put together. They’re tied together by a sense of timelessness and tranquil peacefulness. Even at its strongest the music doesn’t assault the listener, but instead invites the listener into its arms. Second Spring begins, flows and ends beautifully, like a quietly babbling brook. ”

-Mika Terho / Etelä-Saimaa

”…Also it should be emphasized that Hentunen is a very melodic composer. There are many great melodies on the album that will surely stick in the listener’s mind. For approaching music, melody and feeling are an important couple, and Hentunen’s significance is also lifted by the originality of the tonality. Combining easily understandable melodies with exciting structures and by that creating a fascinating atmosphere is not an easy task.”

- Pentti Ronkanen /

Concert Reviews


"The progression of Hentunen’s compositions has always been skillfully dramatized. In the musical world of Hentunen, it is precisely the use of the band as a composer’s tool that convinces: individual voices or the conversations of various small groups, and with everyone’s collective power the band is really strong. The upcoming album will expand Hentunen’s image as a composer even further.

-Pentti Ronkanen /

"Aurora Hentunen Quartet turned out to already be fine and polished, but above all a group of great potential that we can expect a lot from in the future. Hentunen’s music managed to convince on a very comprehensive level, and in general it was a sort of ”freshness” that yours truly was especially charmed by.”

- Minna Rusanen / Jyri Ojala / Sanomalehti Karjalainen

“The different moods and atmosphere quickly followed one another giving [the listener] shivers. Aurora Hentunen Quartet offered a whole set of varied incredibly fresh and unique music. Players were on the same page and it was a pleasure to observe them; the members exchanged meaningful glances, spontaneous smiles and laughs. Band’s playing was beautiful, seamless teamwork and seemed effortless. We will definitely be hearing more about this diverse promising pianist and her band!”

-Minttu Kallinen / Vaarojen Sanomat


“In addition to Hentunen's delicate pianism (and like-minded singing), also the rest of the band’s musicians have risen to the top of their instrumental talent in our country…In summary, although the names aren't quite in the public eye yet, in terms of skills this is a real super band… AHQ's music is very melodic and approachable, but at the same time it is very varied and lively both in terms of rhythms and energy flows and in terms of song structures. The story of every single song carries, and so does the big story of the whole album and the concert. ”

-Pentti Ronkanen /

”Hentunen played flexible liquid-like lines, to which the other band members responded intuitively and accurately, proving that AHQ is a fresh and exploratory group.”

- Matti Komulainen / Turun Sanomat

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